106 Production...

Have a modern radio production made by our top producers. We guarantee a high quality production, all digitaly produced with sound effects that are simply out of this world!

Radio jingles, sweepers, drop-ins, sound effects, commercials, announcements...anything audio!

Fully produced commercials or just voice recordings!

Jingle packages for radio stations!

Listen to our demos and contact us. Tell us your ideas and we'll meet your needs.

The demo materials are in a heavy mp3 compression, the original production is in a much higher quality.

Demo 1
(Jingles and commercials)

Demo 2

Demo 3

Demo 4

Demo 5
(Commercials 2009/2010)

Demo 6
(Jingles 2009/2010)

Demo 7
(Jingles 2014)

Demo 8
(Commercials 2013 & 2014)



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