106 Presents The Best:

This is a yearly show that airs the last day of the year, and it aims to present the best artists and their releases every year. The show started in 2001. when we decided to make the biggest radio program production in Macedonia. We also wanted to do more than just follow the famous music ceremonies with awards, and we decided that we should have our say on who's the best. The show became a big hit, so we're proud to say that we have the biggest radio production in Macedonia. Here are the nominees and the winners in all of the shows:

The Best In 2001

The Best In 2002

The Best In 2003

The Best In 2004

The Best In 2005

The Best In 2006

The Best In 2007

The Best In 2008

The Best In 2009

The Best In 2010

The Best in 2011

The Best in 2012

The Best in 2013

The Best in 2014

The Best in 2015

The Best in 2016

The Best in 2017!

The Best in 2018!

The Best in 2020!

The Best in 2021!

The Best in 2022!

The Best in 2023!




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